Activities related to Animal Welfare


Activities related to Animal Welfare

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Shelter for stray animals in Chamoli Garhwal.

This is an outreach programme of Raahat Animal Shelter supported by Help Animal India.

Alaknanda Ghaati Shilpi Federation (AAGAAS Federation) is developing an animal shelter in the village Pipalkoti Chamoli Garhwal Uttarkhand. Under this project we are developing small- 600 sq. ft. shelter for stray animals including the canines or community dogs.

IMG_3588-001It was realized by the organized that many of the families are leaving their unproductive animals (cow, buffalo, calf) in the streets or open forest areas in the hills of Uttarakhand. The major reason behind this is drudgery related to fodder collection and non-cooperation of male members in livestock management. This become common in last five years that male members have been migrated to urban plains in search of employment and women along with child and oldage are forced to bear the household and farm activities such as work

related to agriculture, water and fodder collection coupled with increasing distance for fuelwood and fodder. On the IMG_0372other hand man and wildlife conflict are increasing the open grazing system alarmingly increasing the attacks of wild animals such as leopard, bear and cheetah. When they attack the domesticated animals and if the injured one fortunately left behind the families generally neglect those animals including non-milching cows and buffaloes. Sometimes we have experienced that the injured wounded equines (horses and mules) are also left by the owners on the yatra and trekking routes.

We have organized a joint survey with Raahat Dehradoon in 2013, unfortunately the Himalayan disaster occurred on 16-17 June 2013. During this disaser massive damage and loss affected the equine population and and dairy animals. This whole scenario forced us to start serious efforts towards the rescue, relief, rehabilitation of animals in this part of the country.

Genesis of the program-

IMG_0378After having detail discussion with the members of Raahat Dehradoon we thankfully received an opportunity for the establishment of small animal shelter in the Biotourism Park of the organization located at Pipalkoti Chamoli (altitude 1300 mtr.)

The project started in July 2015 with the financial support of Help Animal India as an extension program of Raahat Dehradoon. Under this program we have developed a shelter in which the cow shed at the ground level is completed. The first floor with 4 sided – wire mesh- big windows will be used as a recovery center for community dogs. The total area of the hall is around 600 Sq. ft. It will be used as group housing. And can accommodate around 15-20 Canine /Dogs at a time.

The flooring of ground floor is still incomplete as this will be needed for better rehabilitation purposes. This will be done as organization will be able to generate more resources in future.

The open space in the form of big windows will be fitted with strong wire mesh on square steel pipes made windows. The main door have been installed on the south east side. Ramp will be constructed to approach the hall with the provision of side railing. Provision of drinking water and electricity will be made available. The resources in the form of donation are needed for the completion of the project. All donations are exempted under Income Tax -80 (G).

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