State Level Partner Engagement Workshop organised by – Americares in Dehradun and signed partnership engagement form for further coordiantion and linkages in the health sector during any disaster.

Krishi Mahotsava- 2015.- Free Medicine for Livestock Distribution! Aagaas federation participated in the Krishi Mahotsava- Under Khareef Season 2015. We have distributed free medicines to the Villagers of Remotest Valley called- Birahi Valley in Dasholi Block of Chamoli Garhwal on 11-5-2015. This camp was organised by CDO and BDO officers of District Chamoli. Livestock Development Department of Uttarakhand  and PFAWTS ( People for Animal and Wild life Society ) Chamoli.
Free medicines  and vaccination was organised for the livestock of more than 112 families or Birahi Valley !
Recent Training - Organisation is conduction – Ringaal- Bamboo based craft Design Workshop for Artisan , with the support of the – Kedarnath Wild Life Sanctuary and Kedarnath Forest Division under – CAT plan at Pipalkoti.-Photos are attached as Zip File.

Mid term Shelter construction – In Urgam Valley of Joshimath block for the 4 Families completed recently with the support of  Rishi Chaitanya Ashram Sonipat and District Disaster Management office of CHamoli Garhwal.

Blanket Distribution to the Disaster affected families and Road Labors in Himalaya-

Help- NDTV and Uday Foundation- Delhi, Coordination and Distribution- AAGAAS FEDERATIOn and The Himalaya Trust and Samarth Program.

Ecotourism Based Livelihood promotion in the Himalaya- 
This project is supported by – UNDP/GRF/SGP in coordination with CEE- under COMDEKS – Initiative- Fruit processing and preservation of local resource is one of the major program .We are covering 3 Village panchayats and 120 Families under this project.Below is the photos of the Fruit Processing and preservation basic training Photos-
Organisation is rebuilding 35 Midterm Shelter in the 3 Villages of Chamoli Garhwal and providing shelter to the 35 Families before winters. This program is supported by- Rishi Chaitanya Ashram ,Sonipat Haryana.
This program is coordinated with District administration and villagers of – Village – Sunali and Tefana/Bantoli in Karnprayag Block of Chamoli Garhwal and Urgam- Badginda Village in Joshimath block.

Rebuild Uttarakhand

The event of himalaya diwas will remind us to- how to live and survive in mountain ecosystem , how to check migration and how to cop up with mountain disaster – thank you all for being with us today in the rally and conference! This was a coordinated effort made by all, the event was beyond the boundaries of himalaya which will contribute the whole globe and mother earth. the himalaya diwas will work in the direction which will lead us for better humanity, sustainable development keeping in mind ecology, environment, glaciology, climate change, cloud burst, political and policy planners- will think about disaster management policy- gdp v/s gep, communication gap v/s transparency. . . hope we’ll come out of the cocoon above our so called egos and will work for betterment of humanity where everyone will contribute in any form will help local community and himalaya. lets join hands! Celebration of Independence Day- 15th August 203 at – Disaster affected village- Pandukeshwar- with Women Group- and Students

Organisation of 4 Health Camps in Disaster affected 4 Villages of  Rudraprayg District – in collaboration of NC associates Mumbai- Provided treatment to more than 3200 Patients in the Kedarnath Valley!

Uttarakhand Disaster Nettle Products