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Digital Himalaya Initiative - We believe we are the only NGO in the whole of Chamoli district to be using Linux and we are wanting to use this opportunity to spread knowledge of UNIX operating system. Our Government is firmly wedded to the concept of ‘smart village’ as this would reduce  the rural to urban migration and bring families back to their roots. We are also wanting to impart education of sophisticated GIS technologies using QGIS software as our foundation

Climate Change Initiative - Ashwin Dinakar environment engineer started working on understanding of climate change in upper Himalayas after 2013 Himalayan tsunami. Using Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model he issues basic forecasts for local people and studies past events of flooding. We are wanting to have our work validated by international experts. We believe we are ideally located to study these events as we are located in a region where both tropical and mid latitude systems frequently collide

Landslide Prevention Initiative - Ashwin Dinakar and his team have undertaken internationally peer reviewed projects that are aimed at prevention of landslides and restoration of original slope. The 2013 Himalayan tsunami was a wakeup call in this regard and our research took us to getting help from international experts who guided us on choice of pioneering species in disturbed sites. Plantation technique including distance between rows, soil type is validated by software and confirmed by experts. We invite experts and students to come and visit our experimental sites to validate our approach


Our organization have initiative a new program- as launching of Pre fabricated Toilets for Rural poor- with the partnership of Confluence Associates in the Uttarakhand state. This program will be implemented in the guidance of Swajal Project- Swach Bharat Mission ( Rural) ( Clean India Mission) of Uttarakhand .

Organisation is committed for the establishment of 50 Thousand prefabricated toilets in the first phase. Corporate Social Responsibility will be an important part of this project. Two demonstration have been organized by the AAGAAS and Confluence in Haldwani and Dehradn.

We welcome all to donate for this program.All the donation will be benefitted under Income tax- Exemption Act- 80 ( G), We also welcome CSR grant for this noble project for the Poorest of the Poor families in Uttarakhand.

  • Ecotourism :

AAGAAS promoted Ecotourism as a livelihood   alternative   for the rural communities, while at the same time providing opportunities to the tourists to have a first hand experience of the enthralling beauty of the Himalayas and delve into the sights and sounds which she has to offer. It conducts tours and treks under the guidance of trained guides and also strives to provide knowledge on the rich flora and fauna that is unique to the Himalayan region.

  • Project Background:

The project was developed with the ideas to promote community based tourism, bio-diversity conservation, promotion of lesser and unknown trekking routes around the NDBR, Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and Valley of Flower, National Park, Kedarnath Wild life Sanctuary and Pipalkoti Town.

  • Project Strategy:
  • Aagaas FEDERATION addressed the  community needs, prioritized them through the use of participatory methodologies, village meetings and using participatory rural appraisals (PRAs).
  • The last part of the project strategy was to select local women and men of the villages to be trained in the management of resources for better livelihoods and conservation practices. The locals have been key to success in the program.
    • Mother Herbal Gardens were established  which have now been converted into community managed nurseries and are now centers for conservation of rare, threatened, and extinct herbal plants.
    • A Bio-Tourism Park (BTP) at village Pipalkoti on the national highwayleading to Sri Badrinath and Valley of flower have been established with the support of UNDP/GEF/SGP.
  • Project Achievements:
  • Bio-Tourism Park (BTP) developed at Pipalkoti tourist town in district Chamoli on the national highway with 5 tourist huts along with nursery and herbal garden, fish pond, etc. have been established.
  • Land obtained on lease to form the BTP. This ‘institutional approach’ has encouraged community ownerships at local level. Nearly Rs. 75,000 is the income to the local people every year.
  • Tourism facilities such as : Tents, Sleeping bags, Rucksacks, Carry mats, Rock climbing Kit, First Aid, Qualified Instructors  Organic food and fresh fruit juices c made available  through SHGs .
  • Main focus is on School Adventure Camps advocating  Green & Clean Himalaya
  • The project Benefited more than 3240 Families in 3 Blocks and 54 Villages ( Till December 2009)

Other Projects and Program undertaken by AAGAAS:

  1. Skills development in bamboo basketry and natural fiber extraction (ecotextiles)
  • Training imparted to 720 persons on Ringaal bamboo handicrafts (till 2009), Carpet and natural fiber based Craft of the project area arts of the project area.
  • 114 SHGs with more than 1100 women and youth, tribal communities, BPL families, artisans, hill farmers and artisans formed in project villages. They are a great source for timely and cheap credit for the local women. A total of more than Rs. 5 lacs accumulated as savings in SHGs.
  • More than 1,26,000 plantation of Ringaal (Arundinaria spp.), Bamboo, broad leave fodder plant and temperate grasses transplanted & managed by school children, Village panchayats, Van panchayats, Mahila Mangal Dals, social army group and rural artisan community.
  • Established a nodal Training Center-AAJIVIKA VATIKA( LIVELIHOOD GARDEN) for providing training of Bamboo/Ringaal and natural Fiber based craft development and production.

The NGO has addressed the issue of banning plastic carry bags in Shri Badrinath Temple and other tourist spots. It successfully negotiated an agreement with the temple committee for the supply of small Ringal bamboo baskets for carrying flowers and as mementos.

  • Integrated fodder and Live stock Development Program.

This project is supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust Mumbai and HIMMOTTHAN SOCIETY Dehradun

  • Project: “Himalayan Nettle Fiber a Community Based Approach to Sustainable Harvesting, value addition and Marketing.

(a)- Ecotourism based livelihood promotion and non conventional energy sources around the biosphere reserve- Support- UNDP/GEF/SGP- 2011-2013.

(b)-Ecofriendly baskets for Badrinath Dham by the Rudiya Artisan Groups of AAGAAS FEDERATION.

(c)- Conservation of Bael Patra Tree- Aegle Marmelos tree of Village Haat.

(d)- Promotion ,collection and trading of organic agro products through- ALAKNANDA SELF RELIANT COOPERATIVE AND HIMLAYEE SELF RELIANT COOPERATIVE.

(e)- Popularization and promotion of lesser and unknown trekking routes around Pipalkoti.-

  • Pipalkoti- Panchula Alpine meadow  trek – for the age group- 14- 17 .Gentle trek- of around- 14 KM- 4 Days package- @ 800 Rs./Day /Person- excluding – travel from Deharadun, Rishikesh to Pipalkoti.
  • Pipalkoti – Lord Curzon Pass trek- A high altitude trek with – great exposure towards – Flora , Fauna and Scenic beauty- 7- 8 Days- @ 1000Rs/Day/Person is of 80-100 Km.
  • Pipalkoti to Rudranath Trek via Bemaru – Toli taal tek- 75- 80 Km Suitable for the youth- 5 Days @1000 /Day.
  • Pipalkoti to Bansi Narayan – Pandav Sera trek- 110-120 Km. @ 1200 Rs/Day- with a beauty of alpine meadow, biodiversity and different topography.

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